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Professional Crawl Space Cleaning

Subfloor Insulation Cleanouts, Installs & Removal Services

Protect your property’s value and family’s health with a trusted crawl space insulation professional.

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    Let SI Handle Your Crawl Space Cleanout In One Day!

    Why Specialty Insulation NW?

    Doing the job right the first time around is a reputation we’ve proudly earned. Our expert team can make your crawl space cleaning project a breeze. We can typically complete an entire crawl space cleanout, sanitation (“green” neutralizing enzymes), vapor barrier and insulation install in just one day. Quality is a word our customers have come to associate with our work and our reviews online prove it.

    Save up to half on the cost of installing crawl space insulation into your subfloor cavities and around venting ducts. We’re certified PSE insulation contractors so if you meet the requirements we’ll be sure to let you know.

    What Our Customers Have To Say

    A Full Service Crawl Space Solution

    A typical home’s crawl space will generally need attention in the subfloor cavities, floors and air ducts. To assure maximum protection from moisture and heat loss we need to address these areas. Depending on what your needs are, we can help with simple cleanouts and vapor barrier install jobs to complete crawl space retrofits. We insulate with either blown batt or spray foam insulation.

    2-Year Guarantee On All Our Work

    Crawl Space Repairs & Improvements

    • Fixing/replacing vent screens, doors and wells.
    • Constructing new crawl space doors and frames.
    • Repairing all crawl space access holes
    • Sealing pipe gaps and faulty heat ducts
    • Vapor barrier removal or replacement
    • Rim joists and foundation flaw repairs
    • Sump pump installation (as needed)

    EcoFriendly Crawl Space Insulation: Formaldehyde & Dye Free

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