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  • Is Your Home Vulnerable to Water, Mold, Pests, or Escaping Heat?

    Do you have openings or weak materials in your home that let heat, water, mold, and pests come in and out as they please? These culprits can harm the integrity or value of your home, make it uncomfortable or unlivable, or just plain cost you money. Your home may be vulnerable in these specific areas:

    • Attics
    • Cathedral Ceilings
    • Exterior Walls
    • Floors
    • Heat Ducts
    • Basements & Crawl Spaces
    • Plumbing
    • Foundations

    Home insulation is the solution you can rely on. A well insulated home keeps your family safe and healthy while your wallet fills with the savings. Watch your energy bill drop and give your furnace a break. Electric and gas bills in well-insulated homes get cut—sometimes slashing up to half of your monthly bills!
    Pests and mold are no match for a well insulated home. You shouldn't have to live with mold and pests creeping into your home. Insulation is the safe, discreet, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to live with and in the beautiful Seattle ecosystem.

  • How Does Specialty Insulation Make Insulation Easy?

    SI Puget Sound has the knowledge and expertise to make insulating your home painless!

    • Expert Consultation: Let us come by your home and give you a detailed analysis of what home insulation can do for you. We’ll check the outside and the inside, from top to bottom and everywhere in between so you can be well informed. The advice is free, the call is free!
    • Rapid Relief: SI Puget Sound can insulate most homes within a week—sometimes in as little as a day!
    • Warranties you can rely On: Most of our insulation comes with a 30-35 year warranty. Consider the problem fixed.
    • Puget Sound Energy Rebate: We’re certified by PSE as home insulation contractors, which means that we can offer you a rebate on the work that we do. Many homes can collect a rebate for up to half off the price of insulation!
    • Skip a Rental: DIYers may be tempted to take on this job themselves, but it’s a fool’s errand! Renting the proper equipment alone often costs as much as working with SI Puget Sound—and 100% more work! Let SI Puget Sound worry about it for you.

  • Why is Specialty Insulation Right for You?

    SI Puget Sound aka Specialty Insulation Northwest is a Seattle insulation contractor serving the Puget Sound area with a combined 30 years of experience in insulation installation and removal services. We’re happy to offer you all of our knowledge and accreditation.

    • Licensed in Pest Control
    • Federal TWIC Card for FBI Background Check
    • OSHA Certified
    • Structural License
    • Operating Engineer
    • Licensed and Bonded Insulation Contractor
    • Family owned firm living and working in the Seattle Area

Our Insulation Services

  • Residential Insulation Services

    Residential Insulation ServicesIf your home is not appropriately insulated you could be wasting hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Our blown-in insulation service takes a 360 degree approach to all areas of your most precious asset...your home. If you are unsure whether or not your house is under-insulated, give us a call and we'll send one of our insulation specialists to your home to complete a FREE inspection and provide you with an estimate. Since we are a certified PSE contractor we may be able to save you money with instant rebates. Our insulation services include;

    Learn more about our Residential Insulation

  • Commercial Insulation Services

    Commercial Insulation ServicesWhether you planing a rehab, new construction or are looking to improve energy efficiency for your workplace, our team will work with you to achieve your goals "on time and on budget". Specialty Insulation's engineers have years of experience in providing commercial services for small offices, apartment communities, shopping malls plus more. Avoid the headaches of specification and other compliance requirements and contact us have one of our insulation specialists come out to you and see how we can help. Our commercial services include;

    • Specification Compliance
    • New Construction
    • Facility Upgrades
    • Rental Properties
    • Spray Foam Insulation
    • Sound Insulation or Noise Insulation

    Learn more about our Commercial Insulation

  • Rodent Proofing Services

    Rodent Proofing ServicesRodent droppings have been known to carry plethora of parasites, the dangerous Hantavirus and other serious diseases. Aside from health risks, rodents can cause a surprisingly high amount of property damage by chewing through various materials in your home or on your property. SI Puget Sound's licensed pest control technicians are trained to conduct thorough inspections that will assess the severity of the rodent problem and identify exactly how and where these critters are getting in. We then take the necessary measures into matching the best and most cost-effective solution with your problem. Our rodent proofing services include;

    • In-Depth Inspections
    • Detailed Report / Photos
    • State-of-the-Art Materials & Methods
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Learn more about our Rodent Proofing

  • Top-notch Insulation Materials

    Material Manufacture Logos
    • Cost-Effective
    • Built to Last
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Trusted Brands

    Learn more about our Insulation Materials

  • Customer Employment Discounts

    Get in touch today to find out how we can make your home run efficiently and put cash in your pocket. We’re proud to recognize the pillars of our community, and we can offer discounts if you’re employed by any of the following groups:

    • Boeing
    • Microsoft
    • Amazon
    • Starbucks
    • Google
    • Nordstrom
    • Weyerhaeuser
    • University of Washington
    • Military
    • Police Department
    • Fire Department
  • Greater Eastside Support

    We also provide insulation services for these Greater Eastside Communities:

    • Kenmore
    • Bothell
    • Kirkland
    • Woodinville
    • Bellevue
    • Redmond
    • Issaquah
    • Mercer Island

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